Helen Carr Her Complete Bethelem Sessions

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    Bethlehem Sessions 

    1 Not Mine

    2 I Don’t Want to Cry Anymore

    3 Tulip Or Turnip

    4 Memory of the Rain

    5 Down in the Depths of the 90th Floor

    6 You’re Driving Me Crazy

    7 I’m Glad There Is You

    8 Moments Like This

    9 They Say

    10 Do You Know Why?

    11 Be Careful, It’s My Heart

    12 My Kind of Trouble Is You

    13 Lonely Street

    14 Symphony

    15 You’re Getting to Be a Habit With Me

    16 Bye Bye Baby

    17 Then You’ve Never Been Blue

    18 Summer Night

    19 Got a Date with an Angel

    20 Why Do I Love You?

    21 Do I Worry?

    22 I’ve Got a Feelin’ You’re Foolin’


    Bonus tracks 

    23 It’s Beautiful 

    24 Love Is a Serious Business

    25 Say It Isn’t So

    26 Everything Happens to Me


    HELEN CARR, vocals, accompanied by:

    Tracks #1-8: Don Fagerquist (tp), Charlie Mariano (as), Donn Trenner (p), Max Bennett (b), Stan Levey (d)

    RECORDED in Hollywood, January 5, 1955

    Tracks #9-10: Frank Rosolino (tb), Charlie Mariano (as), Claude Williamson (p), Max Bennett (b), Stan Levey (d)

    RECORDED in Hollywood, January 27, 1955

    Tracks #11-22: Cappy Lewis (tp), Howard Roberts (g), Red Mitchell (b)

    RECORDED in Hollywood, November 11, 1955


    Bonus tracks

    Tracks #23-24: Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by LeRoy Holmes

    RECORDED in New York City, October 1957

    Track #25: Charles “Baron” Mingus and His Rhythm, with Donn Trenner (p), Charles Mingus (b), Johnny Berger (d)

    RECORDED in Los Angeles, March 1949

    Track #26: The Stan Kenton Orchestra

    RECORDED during The Bob Snyder Show, June 1952 


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