Elgar from America, vol.3 The Dream of Gerontius, Barbirolli

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      CD 1

    1. Introduction and Allegro for String Quartet and String Orchestra, Op. 47 (1905)
    2. Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf, Op. 30 (1986)*

    3. Chorus: The Challenge of Thor
    4. Chorus: As Torrents in Summer

    5. The Dream of Gerontius: Op. 38: Part I (1900)

    6. Prelude
    7. Gerontius: Jesu Maria, I am near to death
    8. Gerontius: Rouse thee, my fainting soul
    9. Gerontius: Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus
    10. I can no more
    11. The Priest: Proficiscere, anima Christiana

    12. CD 2

      The Dream of Gerontius: Op. 38: Part II

    13. Introduction
    14. The soul: I went to sleep
    15. The Angel: My work is done
    16. Chorus: Low-born clods of brute earth
    17. The Soul: I see not close false spirits
    18. Chorus of Angelicals: Praise to the Holiest
    19. The Angel: And now the threshold
    20. The Angel: Thy judgment now is near
    21. Semi-Chorus: Be merciful
    22. The Angel: Softly and gently


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