Dance Craze A Rama, vol.1

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    Expédition sous deux à trois jours ouvrés

    1             Dion      Shout

    2            The Rivingtons Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow (The Bird)

    3             Chubby Checker             The Hucklebuck

    4            Jimmy McCracklin        The Wobble

    5             Earl Zeb Hooker             Frog Hop

    6            The Starfires     The Dances

    7             Guitar Jr.           The Hoss

    8            Bobby Dunn      Diddle Dee Dee

    9            Vinnie Monte    Mash Potatoe Girl

    10           Steve Alaimo     Ya, Ya

    11           Teen Beats         The Slop Beat

    12           Wilbert Harrison            The Horse

    13           The Mandels     The Scotch

    14           Baby Wayne      The Whiz Wosh

    15           The Johnny Otis Show  Willie And The Hand Jive

    16           The Kid               The Pony

    17           The Champs      The Shoddy Shoddy

    18           The Crystals      Da Doo Ron Ron

    19           The Isley Brothers          The Drag

    20          Ace Holder         Wabba Suzy Q

    21           Dee Dee Sharp  Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)

    22          Bobby Bennett  The Boss Turn

    23          J. J. Jackson     Oo-Ma-Liddi

    24          Kenny Hamber Do The Hully Gully

    25          Clifford Scott    Kangaroo

    26          Donnie Elbert   Let's Do The Stroll

    27          Don Covay         Pony Time

    28          Sylvie Vartan     Dansons (Let's Dance)