Hillbilly - Devils And Demons

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    1             Red Foley           Tennesee Hill - Billy Ghost

    2            Cecil Campbell Spookie Boogie

    3             Buccaroo Billy  Shake Hands With The Devil

    4            Jimmie Dale      Tennessee Ghost Town

    5             Jimmy Minor    Satan's Chauffeur

    6            Ben Colder         Shudders And Screams

    7             Gene Davis         Satan's Daughter

    8            Happy Wilson   Haunted House Boogie

    9            Mr.Sunshine     Marijuana, The Devils Flower

    10           Pee Wee King    The Ghost And Honest Joe

    11           Sonny Burns      Satan's A-Waitin

    12           Johnny Horton The Devil Made A Masterpiece

    13           Salty Holmes     The Ghost Song

    14           Lefty Frizzell     From An Angel To A DEvil

    15           Jimmy Littlejohn            Haunted Blues

    16           Jimmie Holt      Spellbound

    17           Roy Acuff           The Devil's Train

    18           Robert Zehm     Satan's Suitcase

    19           George Jones     Take The Devil Out Me

    20          Lee "Red" Melson           I'm Being Haunted

    21           Lou Millet          Since The Devil Moved In

    22          Jay Chevalier    Khrushchev And The Devil

    23          Joe Carson         I Could Love The Devil Out Of You

    24          Jack Turner       Nightmare

    25          The Louvin Brothers      Satan And The Saint

    26          Dick Flood         Hellbound Train

    27          Lynn Craymer   Wild She-Devil

    28          Wade Ray          Let Me Go, Devil