More Boss Black Rockers Vol.3 - All Shook Up

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    1Art NevilleZing Zing
    2Ray Agee. Elly JohnsonTrue Lips
    3Jimmy BreedloveThats My Baby
    4Joe JohnsonCool Love
    5Professor LonghairLook What Youre Doing To Me
    6Rockin Sidney and His All-StarsRocky
    7Peppermint HarrisBye Bye, Fare Thee Well
    8Don Covay, The GoodtimersShake wid the Shake
    9Willie HaydenTurn The Hi-Fi Down
    10The Five KeysShes The Most
    11Ruth BrownMama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
    12Mel WilliamsSend Me A Picture Baby
    13Big Bee KornegayExposition Rock
    14EsqueritaCrazy Crazy Feelin
    15Googie ReneBig Foot
    16Otis BlackwellAll Shook Up
    17Wynonie HarrisDown Boy Down
    18Bobby PleaseYour Drivers License, Please
    19Huey SmithDont You Know Yockomo
    20Charles CalhounMy Pigeons Gone
    21The CruisersDont Tease Me
    22Lloyd GeorgeFrog Hunt
    23Artie WilsonThats My Baby
    24The EastmenBye Bye My Baby
    25Dossie TerrySkinny Ginny
    26Don, DeweyJelly Bean
    27Rochell, The CandlesSquat With Me Baby
    28Tender SmithTeenage Hayride