The Rockin’ Spot, vol.5 Audrey

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    Expédition sous deux à trois jours ouvrés

    1             Buddy Covelle   Lorraine

    2            Wild Child Gipson          Uncle John

    3             Fox Hall             Do The Rock And Roll

    4            Varetta Dillard Promise Mr Thomas

    5             The Mon-Vales Cool Cat And His White Bucks

    6            Billy Leman       Audrey

    7             Ben Hughes       Crazy Man

    8            Collay   Little Girl Next Door

    9            The Valiants      Frieda ,Frieda

    10           Preston Love With Beverley Wright        Kissin' Boogie

    11           Conway Twitty Hey Little Lucy! ( Don't Cha Put No Lipstick On )

    12           Ross Minimi      Oh! Janet

    13           Jack Scott          Geraldine

    14           Bill Carey           Record Hop

    15           Willie Mitchell Orch      Lizzie Lou

    16           Chip Fisher        Oh-Ye-Louise

    17           The Dawn Breakers       Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses

    18           Johnny Jano     Mabel's Gone

    19           Mac Curtis         Litlle Miss Linda

    20          The Pheatons    Fling

    21           Sammy Fitzhugh            Sadie Mae

    22          Arthur Osborne               Hey Ruby

    23          Sonny Fisher     Sneaky Pete

    24          Eddie Bond        Boppin' Bonnie

    25          Shortie Billups  Boss Chick

    26          The Colonairs   Sandy

    27          Mark Robinson Pretty Jane

    28          Ruth Christie    This Must Be Love