YMA SUMAC Le Rossignol des Andes (2 CD)

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    CD1 Gopher Mambo, Cha Cha Gitano, Huachina Clamor (I Won‘T Forget You), La Molina (The Mill Song), I Wonder (From Sleeping Beauty), Flor de Canela (Cinnamon Flower), Gallito Caliente (The Hot Rooster), Llora Corazon (Crying Heart) Taki Rari Malambo No. 1 La Pampa Y La Puna (The Plains And The Mountains), Wimoweh, Bo Mambo, Carnavalito Boliviano, Dale Que Dale (The Workers Song), Mi Palomita (My Pigeon), Virgenes fel Sol (Virgins Of The Sun), Goomba Boomba Birds

    CD 2 Babalu, Gallito Ciego (One-Eyed Rooster), Five Bottles Mambo, Inca Waltz, Carnavalito Boliviano, La Perla de Chira (The Pearl), Lament, Chicken Talk, Chuncho, Indian Carnival, Karibe Taki, Malaya, Montana Mama, Jungla Mambo, Serenata India, Ataypura Incacho (Royal Anthem), No Es Vida, Witallia